Gamma Sterilization Services


Delivering Convenient and Low-Cost Gamma Sterilization

We deliver convenient and low-cost gamma sterilization services for small product R&D, such as for the sterilization needs in biomedical product development cycles with our Small Volume Gamma Irradiator (6-inch D x 8-inch H).

Gamma irradiation is a simple and proven process for the safe, reliable and effective sterilization of devices. Gamma photons have the ability to penetrate deeply into material to provide a uniform sterilization dose throughout the volume of material. To validate the sterilization dose, an accurate measurement of radiation exposure is crucial. VPT Rad provides accurate radiation dose measurements using a calibrated dosimetry system traceable to NIST.

Additionally, as radiation electronics specialists, our electronics testing and radiation knowledge combine to uniquely service the small product sterilization needs of the biomedical implantable and bio-robotics markets.

The VPT Rad gamma irradiator provides a uniform field of high energy and high dose rate gamma photons inside a cylindrical sample volume of 3700cc (225 in3). A typical sterilization dose is achieved in a few hours or less.

Benefits of Gamma Sterilization

  • Thorough penetration
  • Does not degrade or damage materials
  • Simple processing
  • Short cycle time
  • Compatible with most materials
  • Competitive cost
Gamma Sterilization Services

Biomedical Gamma Irradiator

Testing Features

  • Gamma sterilization in the R&D stages of small volume biomedical devices
  • High energy gammas for uniform dose
  • 3700 cc (225 cubic inches) sample volume
  • Quality Assurance program
  • NIST traceable dosimetry
  • Convenient scheduling, rapid processing

For further information on our medical device sterilization services, view our device sterilization information document.

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