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The VPT Rad radiation laboratory is a one-stop shop for integrated electronic component testing solutions. Our services include test program planning, test execution, results evaluation, and full reporting. We coordinate irradiation scheduling and optimize the test plan development and test performance to efficiently and effectively meet customer requirements.

VPT Rad performs RLAT testing to characterize performance changes in devices due to effects of ionizing radiation. Subjected devices evaluated on performance after exposure to Cobalt-60 gamma photons at various increasing levels.

For reference purposes, a sample final RLAT report can be viewed here.




Turn-Key Test Solutions

VPT Rad offers expedited solutions for radiation hardness assurance (RHA) and radiation tolerance testing for a wide variety of electronic components, including discretes, mixed signal components, analog and digital ICs and more. With our in-house equipment and extensive expertise, our customers find our turn-key test solutions to be accurate, efficient and convenient.

Below is an abbreviated list showing the part numbers which are currently available for VPT Rad turn-key testing:

Product Category Part Type Part Number Packages In-House Test Equipment
Discrete BJT JANXX2NXX All Package Types In-House Test Equipment
Discrete MOSFET JANXX2NXX All Package Types In-House Test Equipment
IC Linear Regulator HS-117 All Package Types Custom
IC OP Amp OP27 All Package Types Custom
IC ADC AD574 All Package Types Custom
IC Sensors AD590 All Package Types Custom
IC Oscillator MCM2767-36M All Package Types Custom

*This is a partial preview only. Please contact us to learn if our expedited testing services are available for your products.


Test Engineering Solutions

Test Engineering Solutions

As a turn-key provider of test solutions, VPT Rad also provides the design and fabrication of test hardware, and the design and development of software for data acquisition.

VPT Rad and its associated entities have been providing test solutions to the Hi-REL component suppliers since 2008.  We offer clients a one-stop shop, including integrated test development solutions such as the following:

  • Software for data management/data parsing and auto-reporting
  • Printed Circuit Board design and fabrication
  • Automated test equipment (ATE) for data acquisition




TESEC 881-TT Discrete Test System Specializing in:


  • Discrete component test systems for incoming inspection
  • Sampling of small signal/high power transistors, diodes, FETs, zeners, IGBTs, SCRs, and triacs (test for most hi-rel test parameters)
  • 1000 VDC / 75 A capabilities



LTX Credence D10 Mix Signal Test System Specializing in:


  • Memory ICs
  • Op-AMPS
  • Linear Regulators
  • ADC/DACs



JDI ATV Digital/PWS Analog Test System


  • Microprocessors, DSPs
  • Transistors & discrete components
  • OpAmps/Comparators
  • ADCs, DACs
  • Mixed Signal


Scientific Test Model 5300

Scientific Test Model 5300

  • Discrete Device Tester
  • Model LC-1000 Low Current Deck Attachment
  • Built-in precision


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